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May 23, 2019by ines Perrier

Catering high-end delicacies from across the world, Le Gourmet is approaching its 5th year in Hong Kong. The “Luxury Parisian Traiteur”-meaning luxury food caterer from Paris- is famous for sourcing some of the finest caviar, smoked salmon, fresh truffle and foie gras. In light of the open-mindedness of the local people, Le Gourmet introduces its Gourmet concept: To make superior gastronomy accessible to people in Hong Kong.

Le Gourmet flagship counter at citysuper @IFC Mall

“Hong Kongese are well-aware of GOURMET. They travel a lot. They acknowledge French brands. They appreciate French tradition. They even do grocery shopping and bring some back,” said Alban De Rochequairie, Operations Manager of Le Gourmet. “In the West, we cannot easily find fine food in retail. But in Hong Kong, you can purchase quality gourmet food without pre-ordering,” he added.

Alban always ensures the quality standard of the products at the counters

Created in October 2015, Le Gourmet is a sub-brand under PATA NEGRA HOUSE GROUP, a specialist of Spanish Iberico Ham. The gourmet brand is the best spot in town for buying the best caviar selection.

Fresh products such as caviar, smoked salmon, truffle gouda cheese are bestsellers. The products fresh off the plane from Europe and arrive Citysupers every week. On site, the all-rounded staff not only assist every guest to make the right choice, they also perform as an artisan. Take smoked salmon for instance; It tastes exceptional when freshly-sliced. It is therefore prime to have a professional executing the work at the spot. Le Gourmet provides continuous trainings to equip every staff member to be knowledgeable about the products. They are able to advise the customers about some recipes and share insights about the gourmet food.

The suppliers of Le Gourmet are famous brands who are eminent experts in their fields. For caviar, there are Kaspia and Gourmet House. For truffle, there is Maison de la Truffe. Foie Gras wise, there are Georges Bruck’s and Maison Dubernet. They are local businesses adopting artisanal manner and expertise in their profession. For instance Maison Dubernet, who supplies foie gras from Southwest of France, has been specialising in foie gras making for more than 150 years. Its farm is only 30km from its factory. The whole business is completed in one region which maintains the quality up to standard.

Le Gourmet strives to source in the most direct manner possible. This act can guarantee the quality of the products. Take “Le Gourmet” caviar for example; The gourmet brand has selected a small sturgeon fish farm near Bordeaux, from which they manage to keep track on the fish living condition, diet, water condition etc.

Le Gourmet keeps on discovering and expanding new products. The luxury food caterer aspires to turn every gourmet into an experience. Upon this goal, there are new projects in full swing to further heighten the food enjoyment. Stay tuned.

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