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July 17, 2019by ines Perrier

Introduce you one of our fine food suppliers – La Maison de la Truffe

Le Gourmet has been having a close relationship with Maison de la Truffe, a gourmet giant originally famous as a restaurant at the centre of Paris. It’s now a worldwide brand under the umbrella of Kaspia.

Maison de la Truffe has been providing the best truffles since 1932. It was established by brokers who acted as intermediaries between truffle suppliers and the Parisian retailers. This is where the expertise and experience on identifying the best truffles accumulated from. It was regarded as a veritable luxury food shop and later transformed into restaurant and boutique.

With the mission to make the quality French gourmet accessible in Hong Kong, Le Gourmet has been introducing the best truffle and related products from Maison de la Truffe. To name a handful, there is OLIVE OIL WITH BLACK TRUFFLE, BUTTER CREAM WITH BLACK TRUFFLE and IGP GREY SALT FROM GUÉRANDE WITH SUMMER TRUFFLE. TRUFFLE GOUDA, cow milk cheese with aromatic truffle pieces, is one of the best-sellers at our counters.

Together with Maison de la Truffe, Le Gourmet will keep on being a demanding Truffle enthusiast and bring more top-notch truffle products to Hong Kong market. Every week, there is fresh truffle shipping to Le Gourmet counters. Visit us and have a good smell!

為您介紹我們的松露供應商 – Maison de la Truffe
Maison de la Truffe 原本是一家位於巴黎市中心,遐爾聞名的餐廳。它現在是 Kaspia 旗下的全球品牌。

自 1932 年以來,Maison de la Truffe 一直提供最好的松露。它最初是遊走於松露供應商和巴黎零售商之間的中介,累積豐富的專業知識和經驗,能夠保證松露的質素,被公認為是名副其實的松露專門店,後來變成了餐廳和精品店。

Le Gourmet 致力令高級食品在香港更流行,於是引入了Maison de la Truffe 最好的松露及相關產品。舉幾個例子,有黑松露特純橄欖油、黑松露牛油 、黑松露鹽等等。而松露高達芝士,是我們櫃檯最暢銷的產品之一。

Le Gourmet 將繼續跟 Maison de la Truffe 一起,在香港帶來更多頂級松露產品。我們每週都有松露新鮮運送到 Le Gourmet。歡迎蒞臨我們的櫃檯,享受一下松露香氣🍃

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