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December 3, 2019by ines Perrier

Resembling the dazzling ornaments on the Christmas tree, the unctuous dark beams of caviar are festive in the occasion of Christmas and New Year. Caviar as Christmas present is such an original idea as it is a sumptuous treat, which will put a smile on the faces of both food connoisseurs and even novices. Le Gourmet is there to provide the best selection of caviar in Hong Kong. The talents are here to provide insights and suggestions. Here are some exclusive selections from Le Gourmet that are ideal and personal to your friends and loved ones.

Almas – The King of the kings 🇩🇪
Recommended to be gifted to someone you want to spoil

When caviar is the gourmet of gourmets already, Almas is the KING of kings! From the marine sensation Gourmet House Caviar, Almas is exceedingly rare and produced in limited quantity by Albino sturgeons. The German caviar contains a sallow translucent amber colour that is unusual in caviar, adding the luxury and exclusivity to the Christmas present. 

Beluga – The Legendary Black Pearl 🇮🇷
Recommended to be gifted to Caviar connoisseur 

This Irani caviar takes up at least 18 years to reach maturity. The eggs of the sturgeon thus are relatively larger than the commonly used roes. However, they are soft and fragile. With a light to dark grey colour, the caviar grains are lightly buttered and smooth with an almond taste. For any expert in the field would have recognised the relish of the caviar, making it some of the best caviar presents of all time.

Amur Beluga – The Treasure from China 🇨🇳
A classic present to the conscious gourmet

This caviar delight requires a minimum of 15 years to mature. The flavour is delicate but still consists of the freshness with buttery overtones. The caviar has large grain due to the long maturation. It is elegant in its light to medium brown colour with a golden highlight gloss finish. The caviar is suave enough to be gifted to your friends who have been conscious about fine dining and gourmet food.

Imperial Oscietra – The French Emerald 🇫🇷
Best present for regular caviar consumers

This French caviar is often distinguished by its green reflection. The dark brown to golden eggs are medium-sized with a thin shell. The texture of it is silkily smooth and velvet. The price of the caviar is relatively affordable than the others. Purchasing it in a bigger quantity throughout Christmas for enjoyment could be a pleasant idea.

With the aforementioned recommendations, you can rest assured about your Christmas ideas. You could gift them in the elegant caviar boxes that come in two sizes: One with 3 dents for 30g/50g tins while one exclusively for the 125g tin. With a twist of the wrist, the complimentary caviar key easily opens the caviar tins and makes a perfect companion to the mother-of-pearl spoon. As any metal could iodise the caviar and thus damaging the quality, using a small spoon made of pearl could easily replace the utensil.

There are monthly promotions on caviar and a variety of gourmet food by Le Gourmet. Make sure you are aware by following them closely on Facebook and Instagram.


For more information, please hesitate not and visit Le Gourmet at Citysuper in IFC Mall, Times Square and Harbour City. There are some other brilliant notions for your other gourmet presents.

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