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December 6, 2019by ines Perrier

Sate your senses with the freshest, rarest and best gourmet food at the newly opened Le Gourmet Bar! Here at Citysuper in Times Square, the Bar deliver the french cuisines right in front of you eyes. Whether you are in the middle of buying ingredients for dinner, or just feel the urge for some simple but indulgent gourmet, Le Gourmet Bar can be there for you. 

In a refined and welcoming atmosphere, Le Gourmet Bar provides some of the finest caviar, smoked salmon, fresh truffle and foie gras from around the globe. Their passion is to deliver a high quality service while telling customers about the products, their origins and what makes them unique. The product availability is subject to seasons and freshness. The Bar serves the cuisines with authentic French flair on the exquisite ingredients. Here is a glimpse of the delicacy from the menu. 

L’experience Caviar 

Caviar from renown French brands sourcing from France, Germany and China can be consumed effortlessly here in Le Gourmet Bar. You will receive the royal service when you order any tin of caviar and savour it on site. Service includes the imperial display and complementary creme fraiche and blinis. The knowledgeable staff can give some insightful advice for you to make the right choice.

Le Foie Gras Poêle

Aside from semi-cooked foie gras, you can now have a taste of the zizzingly hot one. Foie gras is fried on the pan by the professional right in front of your eyes. Matching with balsamic reduction and dry figs as well as walnuts, the foie gras resembles the one you taste in a proper French restaurant. 

Truffle Risotto

The traditional Italian dish is best with the Summer Truffle. It can now be delivered on site! On your demand, you can be served with some more freshly-shaved aromatic black truffles on top of the al dente rice grains.

Resembling a terrace in Paris for wine and tapas, Le Gourmet Bar offers simple but luxurious, quality and flavourful gourmet and appetisers. Customers can also bring home the sensations in retail packages.

Le Gourmet Bar opens daily from 10am to 10pm (Sun, Mon-Thur), 10am to 11pm (Fri & Sat). Next time when you need a corner to have a sip of champagne, you know where to go.


Location: Citysuper, B1, Times Square, Causeway Bay

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