Our Selection

Our Selection

Le Gourmet selects only the finest caviar, smoked fish, truffles, foie gras and other gastronomic treasures from the most passionate craftsmen.

The Caviar

Le Gourmet has selected three different caviar, with very distinct aromas.

Amur Beluga


Pop the just one large golden egg into your mouth to enjoy its light and creamy aftertaste and delicate almond aromas. A favourite amongst caviar connoisseurs with a reputation even higher than that of most Iranian/Russian Beluga.


15+ years old Huso Dauricus
sturgeons – 3.2 to 3.6 mm eggs


Imperial Oscietra


Direct from the Caspian sea, this aptly named caviar is the definitive choice for those wanting nothing but the finest. Less than 10% of the Oscietra sturgeons caught in this sea are given the name Imperial, which still doesn’t do justice to its silky texture, earthy-nut taste and long finish.


12+ years old Acipenser
Gueldenstaedtii sturgeons – 2.8 mm eggs


Baeri Millésime


Appreciated by both connoisseurs and newcomers alike, these anthracite-coloured eggs with chestnut overtures are just waiting to be enjoyed. The fine membrane quickly relinquishes to subtle woody notes and hazelnut flavours.


7+ years old Acipenser Baerii
sturgeons – 2.6 mm eggs

Smoked Fish

Our smoked fish comes in a large range of delectable aromas and flavors.

Scottish Traditional Smoked Salmon

This salmon is of the highest quality with sweet and delicate aromas, and a firm and light texture.


Baltic sea wild salmon

The very pale flesh of this salmon is due to its diet which consists mainly of herring. It is smoked over beechwood for a powerful  aroma and a generously creamy texture.


Flavored Salmon

Our flavored salmon uses the loin of the salmon, which is the center cut of the fish once reserved for the Russian Tzars. Uniform in thickness, flavorful, this is the meatier cut of the salmon.

The Antipasti

Sometimes the best dishes are made with simple yet refined ingredients.
Our range of superior seasoning will make any pasta or salad dish worthy for serving at the finest tables.

Truffle Oil

Extra Virgin olive oil with white or black truffles.


A clear and smooth extra virgin oil to flavor your hot or cold dishes. Perfect for drizzling over salads or for extra tasty mashed potatoes, pasta, risotto. A lovely addition to any cheese, meat or fish dish.


100 mL


Truffled Butter Cream

Butter cream with black truffle.


Ideal for enhancing all your dishes; pasta and white meat, this butter cream with black truffle is also delicious simply spread on gourmet toast.




Truffled Guerande Salt

Guerande grey salt with summer truffle.


The unique union of Guérande white gold and summer truffles, the perfect way to add a touch of truffle to any meal.



The Foie Gras

Coming straight from France, the Mecca of foie gras.

Goose Foie Gras


With its delicate aromas, goose foie gras is more subtle than its duck counterpart. Its creamy texture is well balanced with the faint hint of bitterness.


Combine it with Black Truffles for a unique tasting experience.


Duck Foie Gras


A more rustic texture and flavour, almost gamy, the earthier and more pronounced taste of duck liver make it a unique product.


The unique mix of spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamon) reveals its original flavor.

The Truffles

The Black Diamond of French gastronomy.

Summer Truffle


Also referred to as « Saint John’s Truffle », its outer appearance is similar to that of the melanosporum, although it may grow to be larger and firmer. Its white-veined flesh ranges in color from yellow to grey. It is harvested from the same truffle fields as the melanosporum. It is also cultivated in Spain and Italy.


“Truffe de la Saint Jean” Tuber Aestivum – Season: from May to August


Burgundy Truffle


Also known as the « Grey Truffle ». With an appearance and skin similar to that of the summer truffle, its shape is most often round and its flesh takes on a chocolate hue streaked with white veins at maturity. As its name would indicate, this truffle grows in Burgundy, but also in Champagne, Lorraine and Franche-Comté. However, it grows first and foremost in Italy.


“Grey truffle” Tuber Uncinatum – Season: from December to January


Brumale Truffle


Also called the « Musky Truffle » Its size rarely exceeds that of an egg. Compared to the Melanosporum Truffle, its black skin has no glints of red and is easy to remove once scrubbed. In maturity its dark grey flesh contains white veins that are more pronounced but fewer in number than the melanosporum. It grows in an environment similar to the Melanosporum and during the same period.


“Musky Truffle” Tuber Brumale – Season: from December to March


Black Winter Truffle

The most renowned truffle of all because of the richness and complexity of its flavor.


Grown in the south of France, but also in Spain, Australia and Italy, it is one of the most popular truffles. More or less round in shape, this truffle may reach, or even exceed, the size of an apple, although its weight does not usually surpass the 60g mark. Its skin bears pyramid-shaped scales and the colour of the flesh changes from grey to a black with fine white veins when mature. A good truffle should be firm to the touch.


“Perigord truffle” Tuber Melanosporum – Season: from December to March


White Truffle


Also known as the « Piedmont Truffle », its skin is smooth and yellow. Its flesh can vary from white to reddish brown, with fine white veins. It gives off a scent of garlic or shallot. This truffle prefers moist, humid areas and chiefly grows in northern and central Italy, and to a lesser extent in Croatia.


“Truffe d’ Alba” Tuber Magnatum – Season: from October to December


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